Which of the following has the longest wavelength_

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  • A) A longitudinal wave propagates parallel to its centre motion. B) Only electromagnetic waves transport energy. C) Waves (water) are transverse waves since they move from left to right, while the water around them moves up and down.
  • Platinum, which is widely used as a catalyst, has a work function O (the minimum energy needed to eject an electron from the metal surface) of 9.05 x 10^-19 J. What is the longest wavelength of light which will cause electrons to be emitted? A) 2.196 x 10^-7 m B) 4.553 x 10^-6 m C) 5.654 x 10^2 m D) 1.370 x 10^15 m E) >10^6 m
  • Nov 12, 2011 · Transitions to n=3 or greater are in the infra-red part of the spectrum and have the longest wavelengths. The longest wavelength would correspond to the lowest energy and that would correspond to the difference in energy between n=5 and n=4.
  • Jun 05, 2011 · Therefore, longest wavelength (121.5 nm) emitted in the Lyman series is the electron transition from n=2 --> n=1, which also called the Lyman-alpha (Ly-α) line. The frequency of light emitted at this wavelength is 2.47 × 10^15 hertz. You can calculate the frequency (f), given the wavelength (λ), using the following equation: λ = v / f. where
  • Each wavelength of light has a particular energy associated with it. Home Page. With R = 1. Other common colors of the spectrum, in order of decreasing wavelength, may be remembered by the mnemonic: ROY G BIV . For which of the following transitions does the light emitted have the longest wavelength? n = 4 to n = 3. Diffraction. 23E-9).
  • Sep 21, 2016 · 2. Which of the following has the longest wavelength? Select one: a.ultraviolet b.radio waves c.visible light d.X-rays?
  • Which of the following color groups shows increasing wavelength? A) green, blue, red B) blue, yellow, violet C) yellow, orange, red D) orange, yellow, green : C: The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that has longer wavelengths than visible light and transmits heat (thermal) energy is _____.
  • CDS-II-2013 Questions Question: Which one among the following colours has the highest wavelength? A) Violet B) Green C) Yellow D) Red Answer: Red
  • UV is the longest wavelength radiation whose photons are energetic enough to ionize atoms, separating electrons from them, and thus causing chemical reactions.
  • The longest visible wavelength is red and the shortest is violet. Common wavelengths of what we perceive as particular colours from the visible portion of the spectrum are listed below. The visible spectrum includes the reflected energy peak of the earth at 0.5 µm, and can be used for imaging with film and photodetectors.
  • Example: Let's calculate the energy of a single photon of red light with a wavelength of 700.0 nm and the energy of a mole of these photons. Red light with a wavelength of 700.0 nm has a frequency of 4.283 x 10 14 s-1. Substituting this frequency into the Planck-Einstein equation gives the following result.
  • 49 A C 9 H 12 O 3 compound has two strong infrared absorptions between 1100 and 1250 cm-1 and at 1600 cm-1. The 1 H NMR spectrum has sharp singlet peaks at δ 3.6 and 6.6 ppm (intensity ratio 3:1). The 13 C NMR spectrum shows three lines at δ 165, 115 and 55 ppm. Which of the following compounds best fits this data? A) 1,3,5-trimethoxybenzene
  • The optical spectrum is shown in Fig. 6 (a) with the peak wavelength at λ = 1600.5 nm, which is the longest wavelength in Q -switched EDFL as summarized in Tables 1 and 2. It is also noted that the peak wavelength of the laser slightly decreased as the stable Q switching reached, as shown in the inset of Fig. 6 (a).
  • A sound wave emanates from a source vibrating at a frequency f, propagates at V w, and has a wavelength λ. Table 1 makes it apparent that the speed of sound varies greatly in different media. The speed of sound in a medium is determined by a combination of the medium’s rigidity (or compressibility in gases) and its density.
  • 100.2 Of the following types of electromagnetic radiation, which has the second shortest wavelength? (C) infra-red light. --- Yes. Just longer than red light. Check the other answers.
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2004 volvo xc90 coolant capacity54. Base your answer(s) to the following question(s) on the diagram, which represents waves A, B, C, and Dtraveling in the same medium. Which two waves shown here have the same wavelength? A. Aand B B. Aand C C. Band D D. C4andD4 55. Which wave has the longest period? A. A B. B C. C D. D 56. The accompanying diagram shows a person
Which of the following has the longest wavelength? Gamma rays, Visible light, Ultraviolet, Radiowaves. Radiowaves. Which of the following has the shortest wavelength?
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  • Menu. 3D; 2D; Starting structure. Methane; Benzene; Water dimer; Optimize; Atoms. Turn off atom manipulation Off; Hydrogen H; Lithium Li; Beryllium Be; Carbon C ...
  • 09/05/2015. Red colour has the highest wavelength but least frequency as the wavelength and frequency are inversly proportional thats why red colour is used for danger signal because of higher wavelength it deviates least. 1. Comments. Dislike Bookmark.
  • At the simplest level, waves are disturbances that propagate energy through a medium. Propagation of the energy depend on interactions between the particles that make up the medium. Particles move as the waves pass through but there is no net motion of particles. This means, once a wave has passed the particles return to their original position.

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A polar covalent bond would form in which one of the following pairs of atoms_
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The delta-loop antenna uses a driven element, reflector and one or more directors all of which are triangular in shape. The driven element is about 1 full wavelength long, therefore each side of one of the triangular elements is approximately 1/3 wavelength long. Hint: The Greek letter Delta is written as Δ, which has 3 sides. Last edited by ...
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25. Which of the following frequencies corresponds to light with the longest wavelength? g. 3.00 x s (6) 4.12 x 105 s-1 20 -1 12 -1 9.12 x 10 s k. 3.20x 109 s c-=RO 26. How many f orbitals have the value =2? 26 2? 27. Which of the following statements is true? c. The first ionization potential of H is greater than that of He d. Solution for Which of the CO bonds in the following molecules do you expect to absorb the longest wavelength of infrared radiation? CO in [Co(CO)4] There is no…
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The shortest wavelengths of visible light – violet – appear at one side of the spectrum and the longest wavelengths – deep red – appear at the other end. Studying the light from stars and other sources is a central concern in astronomy. There is a lot that can be learned by looking at how much light is detected at each wavelength. G4A13 Which of the following performs automatic notching of interfering carriers? / A. Band pass tuning B. A DSP filter C. Balanced mixing D. A noise limiter B G3A02 What effect does a Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) have on the daytime ionospheric propagation of HF radio waves? / A.
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Red light has a wavelength of about 700 nm. The cutoff wavelength is 550 nm (yellow light), which is the maximum wavelength to knock out electrons. Thus, no electrons are knocked out. A metal surface with a work function of W0 = hc/550 nm is struck with blue light and electrons are released. If the blue light is replaced by red light of the same A. is a particle of light. C. has a constant energy regardless of frequency. B. is a packet of electrons. D. has a constant energy regardless of wavelength. 4. Four photons of different wavelengths strike a metal surface with the outcomes described below. Which photon has the largest energy?
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Use braces to write the members of the following set, or state that the set has no members. (Dots may also be helpful.) The from whole number 0 to 30 (inclusive)
  • High School Physics Chapter 14 Section 1 This energy is called the work function of that metal. What is the longest wavelength of radiation (in nm) that could cause the photoelectric effect in each of the following metals? a. Silver, (work function) = 7.59 x 10 -19 J ? nm b.Tungsten, (work function) = 7.16 x 10 -19 J ? nm c. Sodium, (work function) = 4.41 x 10-19J ?nm
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  • Some radiation, such as visible light, largely passes (is transmitted) through the atmosphere. These regions of the spectrum with wavelengths that can pass through the atmosphere are referred to as "atmospheric windows." Some microwaves can even pass through clouds, which make them the best wavelength for transmitting satellite communication ...
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  • and longer sorting out the e-mails that matter from all the junk. It has 45 become, I'm afraid, a to be on the same wavelength. C Complete these sentences with the idioms from Exercise A in the correct form. Which of the problems mentioned in Exercise A do the speakers have when communicating?
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  • Electromagnetic Waves have different wavelengths. Wavelength is the distance between one wave crest to the next. Waves in the electromagnetic spectrum vary in size from very long radio waves the size of buildings, to very short gamma-rays smaller than the size of the nucleus of an atom.Elasticity is measured as ratio of stress to strain. For a given amount of stress, the strain produced in the steel is comparatively smaller than the strain produced in the rubber. Therefore, with the help of Young's modulus, it can be concluded that steel has greater elasticity than rubber.
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  • As you can see, the wavelength of the red light shortens in the glass, and so does the speed of the light. But the frequency remains the same, and so does the color. Thus, red light of wavelength 700 nm in air will appear the same color as red light of wavelength 438 nm in this type of glass.
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